Greetings Team, Merry Christmas … I’m writing to let you know we’ll be taking a break for the end of year festivities, so there will be no support calls tonight or Sunday, resuming Dec 28th at 5pm Alaska time;

We are also writing to wish you a very happy holiday and to share this story which we discussed on Sunday’s call, coming out of my mom’s hometown, Brooklyn New York here:

“Mitchel Bosch, 42, who previously served in Iraq twice and once in Afghanistan, went into the shop on the afternoon of Dec. 19 holding an American flag, after having ordered food online. He was joined by about eight other people who supported his cause, including gubernatorial candidate Derrick Gibson.

He held a copy of the Constitution and said “this is my vaccine passport! when the Panera employees asked him for proof of vaccination.”

It sounds like Mitchel is just opposed to the one-world technocratic takeover of humanity and he’s willing to put his life and liberty on the line to say so; we salute his spirit and thank him for his efforts, he’s definitely having an effect on those who are encountering him;

and yet we wonder what he could do that might bring remedy for all;

we know for sure that all the restaurants mentioned in the article are public accommodations (meaning that they are advertised and open to everyone) and cannot discriminate based on the prescribed reasons that disallow discrimination (race, religion, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, etc)…but what about vaccination status?  the law is not settle on the matter in particular but in general the landmark decision that always comes immediately to mind is West Va. Board of Education v. Barnett,

“if there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation it is that no official high or petty can prescribe what shall be orthodox in matters of politics, religion, nationalism or other matters of opinion nor force a citizen, by word or act to confess their faith therein” …

no official can tell you what to believe about anything, nor can they force you to carry out an act, such as masking, distancing, testing, jabbing, or showing your jab passport; because of this neither can any State licensed public accommodation calling themselves a private business; the license means that the business agrees to operate in accordance with the Constitutions and laws of the State and of the United States;

so what does the Constitution say about your rights?  for one thing, Justice Jackson described what is the fixed star in the Constitutional constellation, that is ‘privacy’; also read the Bills of Rights (both of the States of America, united and the Declaration of Rights in your State constitution); and the Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America; and for good measure the Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment;

these documents have just been added to our Documents page on stopthejab.ORG this week along with a few instructional pdf’s about how to write Affidavits (Declarations) of our own in regards to where we stand on the issues of the day;  if anyone is in touch with Mitchel, please pass his contact information on to us too, maybe we can help each other;

Thanks for your interest and support in stopping the jab mandates and for doing your part this past year; our prayers are with you and you have our commitment to keep on keeping on in the new year;

blessings upon You and Yours,

Love the STJ Team