Hi! Maria here!

Today I’m attaching three forms that can be used as a sort of “warm up” round for interaction with your Employer, your University or your kids School which are sourced from Catherine A. Fitts website Solari Report.

Once you’ve sent any one of these questionnaires and have not received an answer,  or have received an unsatisfactory answer, the stage is set for you to send the Notices provided in the EMPLOYEE RESPONSE KIT Step 1 on the home page.

Be sure that you understand the purpose of each Notice you are sending and the full process that you’ll use to be sure you’ve done your due diligence.  By using our website you agree to hold stopthejab.ORG harmless.

We’re adding graphics and pages to the website on a daily basis as well as upgrading the notices and the process for fully notifying your employer.  Please be patient while the website is under construction and feel free to share it as is.

The full EMPLOYEE RESPONSE KIT Step is available to download, so there’s no reason not to get started right away.  Once you have downloaded the documents follow the simple instructions and start customizing the your notices right away;

If you have additional questions attend a Sunday or Tuesday SUPPORT CALL or you may also write to  stopthejab@protonmail.com 

– Maria

Employee Covid Injection Questions Form by Cath A Fitts

Student Covid Injection Questions Form by Cath A Fitts

Parental Authority Questions Form by Cath A Fitts


Hi from Marilyn!!

I think asking questions is brilliant… and essential!

In fact, this last summer we got to see first hand the power of questions!  We had a friend we were helping who couragously started asking the right questions (while maintaining a gracious attitude) and those questions stopped his company in its tracks!  The CEO abruptly decided to “table” the whole “mandatory” injections stance until they could get answers regarding adverse reactions, responsiblity and liability.  And this was just days after they had announced they were ready to enact jab requirments and start firing people, and they were prepared to fire their entire staff if they needed to!   They were not going to offer exemptions or approve them, but it has now been five months of silence and everyone is continuing to work without harrassment.

Don’t underestimate the power of these questionaires!!  Download them. Print them. Email them. Share them coworkerds and bosses.  Remember that those bosses are likely in reaction mode as well and not thinking through things clearly.  And you’re gracious and thoughtful inquiry might be the thing that get the wheels moving for them to see, or at least start wondering if they are putting themselves into a position of liable.

There are many examples in the B’rit Chadasha (New Testament) that tell of Messiah being confronted and His only response was to ask a few questions.  They ground their teeth but could not say answer back without implicating themselves, and the matter was over!

Catherine A. Fitts has quite a distinguished background and has put some great questionaires together for all of us to use.

This is war.  And in war, a multi stage battle is what we should be expecting is needed… so tool up!

– Marilyn 

Employee Covid Injection Questions Form by Cath A Fitts

Student Covid Injection Questions Form by Cath A Fitts

Parental Authority Questions Form by Cath A Fitts



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