Greetings All:

The information below will help you lawfully and effectively refuse to consent to so-called “mandates” from your employer to take one of the qualified jabs; the attachments are self-explanatory with just a few instructions below:

1 – See the attached packet of Notices, Cover Letter, Indemnification Schedule, and Employer Liability Acceptance samples; read and understand these documents;

2 – Begin to customize the samples to suit your beliefs and needs by filling in the phrases in Bright Red with your information; jot down any questions you may have about how to customize the Notices of Non-Consent and Conditional Acceptance;

3 – Attend the StopTheJab Support Calls this Sunday afternoon at 3pm Alaska (7pm Eastern) by dialing in to the Free Conference line call-in # 605-313-5149 access code 772-884#

  • to have your questions answered
  • to get a better understanding why these notices are effective, lawful and legal
  • to hear why health care professionals around the country are excited to have these notices to better help their patients
  • to understand the necessity of asserting your antecedent God-given rights reserved to each of us in our organic laws
  • to gain the skills you need to rebut presumptions that may be working against your best interests
  • be sure to bring note-taking materials 

4 – Share this message and the website www.stopthejab.ORG as far and wide as possible to others who wish to refuse the jab and invite them to the next conference call or write to  [Note: we hope to have the website up tonight or tomorrow, it is not published at this time but the important information is in the “STJ Employee Kit Step 1” attached above] !

5 – Finalize your documents and mail them to the person(s) attempting to coerce you to alter your employment agreement (use certified mail); and continue sharing and teaching others to do what you’ve done and join Team Stop The Jab!

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