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Training, sharing, and support in developing your strategies and paperwork for dealing with the bullies in your life.  Don’t bring a gun to a pen fight.  We need a Paper Revolution!!

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If I don’t take the Jab, I’ll be fired!    What are my options?

Walk off the job? Apply for Exemption? – or – Serve NOTICE requiring they give real answers, accept liability, and Stand Down!

Walk off the job?

If you’re thinking about walking off the job… DON’T!   WE CAN HELP!   With our EMPLOYEE KIT you have an opportunity to press for a real turnaround for yourself, and maybe for the whole organization… even in government sectors!

“Apply” for Exemption?

Employers are “offering” exemption options, but it depends entirely on their inclination whether they “approve” or “deny”. IF YOU WERE DENIED,WE CAN HELP! You still have options… very powerful ones!

If your company is sympathetic, they may “approve” without push back… at least for a time. There’s still no guarantee they won’t cave to outside pressures, change their minds, and rescind it. And if you used their forms, you likely agreed to things you aren’t feeling great about.

Plus, there’s the larger issue of establishing precedence that ANY employer has authority to “approve” or “deny” religious beliefs and medical health choices at all!

IF YOU APPLIED FOR EXEMPTION BUT DON’T FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT, WE CAN HELP! You can still use the process in the EMPLOYEE KIT and put yourself back in the drivers seat.

This is war for control over our most basic Rights to secure our own bodies and provide for ourselves and our families.

In war there are no guarantees, BUT wtth our EMPLOYEE KIT you will be asserting your Rights and turning the table requiring them to answer difficult questions and take liability… or Stand Down!

OR – Flip the script and put them on Notice!

Our 2-part approach of “Non-Consent” plus “Conditional Acceptance” makes it legally risky for an employer to take action against you, provides all the grounds you should need to retain your job on your terms, and has potential to effect the unbalanced system as a whole by requiring employers deal with the reality of being unable to answer the real questions.

In contract law you’re required to “object in a timely manner” or your lack of response is deemed “assent” (consent via silence), so the notice of Non-Consent (Declination) removes that presumption.

Then the Notice of Conditional Acceptance keeps you in commercial honor by “accepting” their offer IF they can meet your reasonable conditions… such as providing “proof of claim” that their injections are safe and effective, and requiring they accept full liability.

Since they cannot do the first and will not do the second, all you’ll most likely receive back from them is silence. Their silence puts them in “default” and reveals the fraudulent nature of their offer, making it void under law!

This strategy is similar to when King Solomon of the Scriptures said he’d cut a baby in two and give half to each of two women arguing over who was the baby’s mother. King Solomon knew that the true mother would cry out for the sake of the baby, and that the woman who remained silent would reveal her fraud by not objecting. In the same way, your employer’s silence will be their admission of a fraudulent offer.

The document package we’ve developed in the EMPLOYEE KIT (downloadable below) was inspired by Mark Pytellek of Australia and his group, Solutions Empowerment, who are seeing many successes (silence and no firing), even in Australia, with this approach.


Documents and instruction to put those bullies on Notice!


The information below will help you lawfully and effectively refuse to consent to so-called “mandates” from your employer.  The packages are largely self-explanatory with a few instructions below, plus you can email questions or attend Support Calls on Sundays and Tuesdays to help get your questions answered.

Step 1 – Download the DOCUMENT PACKAGE below with sample Cover Letter, Notice of Non-Consent, Notice of Conditional Acceptance, Witness Notary Form, Injury Indemnification Schedule, and Employer Liability Acceptance form.  Read through the package and each document a couple of times.

Begin to customize them by filling in the phrases in Bright Red with your information; modify them to suit your beliefs and needs, and jot down any questions you may have that we can help with during the bi-weekly Support Calls at 1-605-313-5149, access code: 772-884#.


Success Story!…  For a first hand account from a nurse who successfully used the Non-Consent / Conditional Acceptance process (in her own very brief one page document) and remained both un-vaxxed and employed at her hospital, read about Agent J’s Declination at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 – Finalize your documents and download the NOTIFICATION PROCESS with instructions for mailing to the persons attempting to coerce you to alter your employment agreement .

If you follow the Notification Process as outlined, you’ll have completed the 3-part process that will legally and lawfully make your voice, and their failure to respond, admissible on the legal record for the court, should you lodge suit against them.


– OR – Not Feeling quite ready to put in a formal response?  Or maybe your employer is hinting that jab requirements are likely coming soon but hasn’t made a formal “offer” yet?  The Questionnaire below is a great way to start a conversation and get them warmed up to expect that they’ll actually have to address the safety concerns and liability issues that accompany such a requirement.

CLICK HERE: Employee Covid Injection Questions (by

Success Story!… In July of 2021 we helped a friend who’s company had adopted and a very aggressive vax requirement.  They had announced they would not grant any medical or religious exemptions and were prepared to fire every staff member if necessary!  Our friend stayed very respectful but shared that he had some deep concerns and started asking and emailing lots of good questions.  As he stood firm and kept asking questions, things began to change.  Soon the leadership made a 180 degree turn, announced that they needed to do more research, tabled the whole discussion, and are waiting to see what the courts decide.  So stand firm.  Stay gracious.  Ask lots of questions.  And start prepping your formal response so you’re ready if they don’t stand down!


The Hospital Safety Kit is essential for anyone at risk of being taken to a hospital… which is EVERYONE!... and contains easy to implement forms you can put in place for you or your loved one today including

  • Durable Power of Attorney

To make sure you have a Healthcare Advocate who can lobby for you!

  • Advanced Healthcare Directives –

Gets your priorities on record, including Prohibited Protocols and Therapeutic Protocols!

  • Essential Caregiver Designations –

Get it on the record who you want inside with you helping in your care!

  • Essential Caregiver Daily Checklist –

The guidance your helpers need to be active partners in your recovery!

CLICK HERE: Hospital Safety Kit

The package has a few pages, but that’s only because there are just a couple questions on each page in a simple multiple choice format, so don’t let the length intimidate you.

Print one for each member of your family, wrap them up as early Christmas presents, fill them out together, and they’ll have their wishes on record so you can be there for them if they need you.  A great way to show your love and care for all your special people this holiday season!

HOW TO Accept an Oath of Office


Before starting this, you will want to have copies of The Bill of Rights with you AND a yellow highlighter to mark the one(s) that you are concerned with.  Be calm & confident when you ask the following:

  1. Are you an officer of the State of ___________?  If “yes”…

  2. So you have taken an Oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America (1787) and the Bill of Rights (1789)?  If “yes”…

  3. So you understand that you have sworn to secure My rights and protect My property, correct? If “yes” or “yeeesss?”…

  4. So here is a copy of the Bill of Rights (1789) with the ones I’m concerned with highlighted in yellow…

  5. My counsel told me to just give you this and invoke My right to be free from self-incrimination…

  6. And your Oath binds you down to helping me to do that, correct?

Do this with any encounter with agents of United States, no matter what form.

HEADS UP… If any enforcer/ officer stops you and addresses you absent of “probable cause”, it is an “Arrest and False Imprisonment.”  For more on this read the attached Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment.

If you go to them asking for services that’s a different story but you can still accept their Oath verbally.



  1. Write or call the official’s office asking for an emailed copy of their written Oath of Office with their signature.
  2. Underneath the official’s signature write “Acceptance for honor, value, fact and consideration.”
  3. Prep an autograph area to the right of the center line with “By: _________________”
  4. Underneath your autograph line add “All God-given rights, unalienable”
  5. Autograph using Red ink making some part of it pass through the above phrase.
  6. Mail or e-mail a copy to the official who signed the Oath.
  7. Keep your original for your own records.



  • The Oath of Office is what makes the Bonds operate.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE  Do not skip understanding the instructions above and think that you can go directly to the claiming the bonds.
  • Bonds might be “a game changer”, good for governmental services corporations (counties, State of, po-po “services”, Administrative Court services, school boards, medical boards, etc.)

Bond letter request here:


Success stories:


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